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our roots

My husband and I love good clean design, it is like a magnet to us. So, when we saw the simple circular doormat we paid the designer price tag and brought it home. But its small diameter and weird green just didn’t look right, so back to the store I went to return it (an hour’s drive away).

We loved the circular shape, green was a different, fun color and my husband’s sister had just made use of the “replace your lawn rebate” from her city and had left-over pieces of artificial turf. Hmm, can you see this all coming together?

So, I get myself a nice big circular mat and LOVE it! It has the clean look, it is a catch-all for a cleaner home and it didn’t go to the landfill. . .GREEN AND CLEAN on so many levels.

Now I am a bit of a serial entrepreneur and am always looking for purposeful, e-commerce things to sell. One day, on a whim, I took a picture of our front door and listed the mat on a “sell your stuff” type of closed Facebook group, then went for coffee with friends. By the time I checked my post, four hours later, there were 11 people who were interested in the mat!

“Honey, I sold our doormat.” was what I told my husband as he was driving home that night.

“What!? You sold our doormat?”

“No, no, it’s OK. I’ll make a new one. But I think I am onto something. This is such a win-win! Less waste in the landfills and unique, modern mats.”

I am now working with local artificial turf installers to get the excess cut-offs they have from their jobs. Each tag comes with the name of the company who chose to have the scraps become mats.

I also make other items from smaller pieces of artificial turf, which I sell on my Etsy site.

And that is how Living Zesty sprung into being. Adding zest to life one eco-friendly, upcycled product at a time.