I have fondly personified the door mat by giving it the full name Mat Green.  Earlier editions of the mat sported the classic name tag label “Hello, my name is Mat Green” made from reused Tyvek® postal envelopes.

Mat is 33 inches in diameter, that is just shy of 6 square feet! And although 33 inches seems like a strange measurement, I have found that it is the size that proportionately works best with most doors.

So is Mat used or unused? He is brand new material that has been taken out to a job site and cut away as an unneeded piece of artificial turf. None of the mats are made from pulled up sports fields or landscaping. You could say it is used but not used, get it?

The artificial turf has been made in the USA. The same area where carpet is manufactured. Kind of makes sense, right? Carpet for your yard.

If you know a bit about sewing, you will recognize the word “nap”. It is when a fabric has a direction to it. Mat has a direction his blades like to lay initially but things get tussled around after use and it will all look the same eventually. Give Mat a spin and see which way you like it when approaching the door. Also, if he arrives a bit crinkled from his journey, don’t worry, he’ll be up to his good ol’ self in no time.

Mat’s hygiene is simple, shake him out or give him a quick spray with the hose. Now Mat won’t be offended if your dog is trained to use him as a potty. A spray and sudsy water will clean him up in that case. Dogs won’t naturally assume you bought them a new pee-pee and poo-poo pad they would have to be trained to use it as such. So, don’t worry about presents left by your pet. Mat is permeable so no training the dog on your hardwood floors. You will need some sort of catchment system if you intend to use Mat that way inside.

Custom orders can be requested by emailing: alison@livingzesty.com

Thanks for your orders and for caring about using waste wisely.